My Year 1 teacher

Gradually Mrs Roberts slowly walked into the classroom. Tired, she looked at me, her coffee stained teeth smiled at me grimly as I walked into the doorway. Slowly looked back at Harry, my best friend, I could see he felt the same way. Meanwhilewe walked in to the classroom. Every day the classroom reeked of coffee, really strong coffee. Sadly classroom was bland, not one single spec of colour. Often chairs were all the same murky colour, and all the desks had coffee ring stains on them. SlowlyI watched as the coffee seeped down into the wood of the desks. White as a ghost, Harry and I looked around the room, the class had arrived. Stunnedthey all had a uniform, we were the odd ones out. Then we heard laughing, that was the last thing we heard… 

100 word writing challenge (pets)

Hamish is our dog. Hamish is a spoodle, a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle! he is golden in colour and is very fluffy. Hamish can live for 12-15 years. We got him when he was 16 weeks old from a special breeder in the Adelaide hills, Hamish is 4 years old now. His birthday is on 26th April, We take him on walks almost every single weekend, he loves it! Hamish has a step brother called Ralph he is 2, Ralph is VERY energetic when Hamish is calm and collected.

  We knew we could find a dog as cool as Hamish!

My bucket list!

I’m going to show you the 10 crazy/weird bucket list of mine…

wanna see it?……………WELL HERE WE GO!

  1. Eat a whole cake!
  2. Eat an EYEBALL! (Thank goodness a fish one!)
  3. Do the color run in my PJ’S!
  4. Break the world record for something food related…
  5. Attempt to fly….. (maybe not the safest one…)
  6. Fight a Bear
  7. Become best friends with a monkey (we can truly relate…)
  8. Live in a hot air balloon for 2 years!
  9. Meet a celebrity….. (I’m not that special, am I?)
  10. Own 10 different breeds of dogs! (Maybe a little too much?)

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Celebrity Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem is an Australian singer, my dad thinks she is beautiful!, she is in Sydney, she participated in dancing, when she was 7 years old! Delta was born on the 9th of November in 1984, and she is now 33 years old. Delta has a brother called Trent, Lea and Dennis are her parents, Denis and Lea named her Delta after the song called ‘Delta Lady’. Delta is single and her ex-husband/boyfriend is Brian McFadden. Delta’s education was that she went to The Hills Grammar School until she was 11. Delta is one of Australia’s best female performers, having achieved 1000,000 sold albums over the world!

Get to it – Commenting

I have enjoyed making people happy when I am commenting,

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What really is an Australian coin?

The blank coins on the conveyor belt!

How were Australian coins made?

well, the coins are made in a place called the Australian Mint, in Canberra. Want to know how they are made?…… well here we go!

Humans put a thin roll of metal into the side of the machine, then the machine presses out up to 325,000 blank coins! then the machine removes the scraps, then the coins are heated up, cooled  and given a bath and then the blank coins are dried off. then the coins are ready to be put into the coin pressers, which press the design on to the coin then the coins are put in big bags and transferred to all the different banks in Australia.

Here is a video on how coins are made: ->

When was the first coin introduced to Australia?

Throughout the days of the colonies that  have formed Australia today, foreign currency was used, but in 1910, but ten years after federation, Australian coins were introduced to the community of Australia.  Australia used coins called pounds, shillings and pence up to 1966, when it accepted the decimal system with the Australian dollar separated into 100 cents.

How has the money changed since the 1900’s?

The Australians used to have one and two dollar notes was a bit strange thinking of it now, well we have one and two dollar coins today instead of notes.

pounds = 1.82 Australian dollars

shillings = 0.013 Australian dollars

pence = 0.018 Australian dollars

Tightening Tension Week 4 Challenge

Hello, I am reading a Marvellous comic book and I love this superhero called ‘’Wonder Woman’’, but what if she fails? What will happen next in the story? Okay, I’ll continue………

‘’The tornado lashes across Wonder Woman’s flawless legs, she tries to stop it as eager as she is, she is scared, scared of the TORNADO! The force is endless as it wipes away half of the world.’’ The tornados leader is this man called ‘’Vex’’………… ‘’ Vexes evil laugh is too much to handle for Wonder Woman, she tries her hardest, she pushes herself real hard.

SOMEHOW, she pushes through and uses the power of flight she has, and uses it to fly over and use vexes powers against him. She grabs his wand and whizzes him around the world and he is never seen again, he comes whizzing back! Right past you, his beady eyes look back at me angrily and he could turn himself into a good person!

The next day, while I am walking down the street I see Vex! Don’t be afraid he is an antiques salesman! Looks like he has given up on being a villain after all, hopefully he doesn’t quit his job!